Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kanye on the NRQW

I'm trying to download a picture (especially for Matt and Sarah) but Blogger doesn't want to do it, so I'll have to paint a picture with words. There are always ads clinging to the walls of the subway trains and I've seen funny or amusing ones, like one for Michelob Ultra. It features a large beer bottle in the middle of the ad and around it (get ready for this) athletes, silhoutted, running or pirouetting towards it. I'm not joking. People aren't morons... sometimes. I guess it's trying to appeal to the thirsty... uh... athlete?? Whose convinced? It's so funny. But this one I saw on the NRQW was so irresistible, I actually moved to situate myself right before it and even asked the guy blocking it if I could get a picture of it.

It's an ad appealing to all of us who want to be Kanye West. Take two fast-acting tablets (one image features two white tablets stamped with a KW fizzing in a glass of water). It even has a before and after picture in the upper left-hand corner of the ad. The first picture is of a profile of a white man in his late thirties, balding, wearing a white collared shirt. The after picture right next to it is a profile of Kanye West. Below this is a big image of Kanye, shades on, smiling. It's great. What I think I admire most about it is that it's not advertising anything. No upcoming album or tour. It's thoroughly clever and funny. 

I was amused all the way to 96th.

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