Friday, July 17, 2009

Dear Friends Visit Me in NYC

They were here for about five days in April. Some of the highlights? Having a large and delicious lunch at Katz's Deli in the East Village before jumping on the train for the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Stomping through Soho in the pouring rain and happening upon a kiosk selling mini cupcakes. Enjoying the best rice pudding I've ever had at a place called Rice to Riches. Rifling through the racks at Opening Ceremony, admiring $3200 skirts and sleek Comme des Garcons accessories. Exploring Fort Tryon Park and sitting on a sun-dappled bench, talking and catching up while Jason snoozed next to us. Grabbing soft serve from the Mr Softee truck and descending the huge concrete stairs back to my apartment. Making homemade ravioli and tiramisu after work and eating a late but incredible Italian dinner. Being blessed with friends who would jump on a plane on the fly and travel 3000 (sometimes turbulent) miles to spend time with me. 


Rilkean Heart said...'re wurffit!

a morsel said...

Looks like you guys had fun.

I have a completely unrelated query:

I've been thinking about getting a Mates of State album. Can you make a recommendation?

Dorothea said...

It was so much fun! Time for me to head back in time to the west coast...

Mates of State? Curious... I've never listened to them but will do a little looking online for some info.