Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mom, can I dress like this all the time? I'm proud to say that I'm wearing a Kaytee original. She designs and creates couture and it is nothing short of AMAZING. This dress I would say is one of her more conservative pieces in my opinion. Most of what I've seen is insane and beautiful and big and fluffy and ethereal and delicious. It's only a matter of time before she can quit our restaurant and work for herself. The dress fit me like a dream and I never wear strapless pieces, but this was perfect. Black tulle hung a bit from the bottom also and gave necessary fluff to the dress. At the last minute, just before we left Kaytee's for the ball, she draped this head dress that she made around my neck. It really complemented the outfit. The mask sitting atop my head was also hers, though the wig and makeup were mine. So glad I brought the wig!! As soon as we walked in a photographer approached me, asking to take my picture. Dahling, of course!  This happened a few times throughout the night. Is it okay to say I felt fabulous in my full attire?

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